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Can I decide myself how many dancers I book?

That is, of course, possible. You have a choice of two options. You can choose a small or a large ensemble.
A small ensemble consists of two to a maximum of ten experienced dancers. This is extremely suitable for intimate performances or performances where only a small stage is available. However, this ensemble is not suitable for lengthy performances.
A large ensemble consists of a group of more than ten dancers. In this case we will include dancers from all levels, of course everyone has a solid base. The biggest bonus of this ensemble are our youngest dancers who immediately melt everyone's heart. This ensemble is extremely suitable for large stages and impressive, lengthy performances.

Do you take care of your own music ?

Taradance can provide music. It is, however, a requirement that a music installation is available.

Do you work with a live band ?

We have professional musicians and bands at our disposal, whom will provide you with an unforgettable experience.

What does a workshop involve ?

The principles of Irish dance are taught to young and old in a spontaneous and cheerful way. Always combined with a performance.

What kind of events do you usually perform at ?

We provide performances at all kinds of festivals, parties and occasions at reasonable prices.

Can we also book a full room show ?

Taradance has already presented shows on three occasions, all were completely sold out. We always work on different themes here (working around a story, playing together with a live band,...). Feel free to email us at info@taradance.be and ask us about our current indoor show.

What are the prices ?

We always try to offer our performances at a reasonable price. Therefor we ask you to contact us when interested.

What are the conditions ?

We always ask for a solid stage (preferably wood) because then our dance style suits us best and this is the healthiest for our legs. Sufficient water, a dressing room and a snack are also part of the package.

Can you dance to our own music ?

That is generally going very well. Taradance has already worked with various live bands, brass bands and orchestras. As long as your music is Irish enough, we will find a way to work together.