Vragenlijst danslessen

When and how can I enroll?

It depends on your age and possible previous dance experience. Children between five and eight can join throughout the year in our children’s group.
Dancers with previous Irish dance experience are welcome throughout the year for a try-out lesson. Our teachers will decide which group you will join.
Even if you don’t fit into one of the descriptions above, you are still very welcome. You cannot join in the middle of the school year, so we strongly advice you to visit our open lesson moment in the middle of September.

Can I join a try-out lesson?

Just send us an email (info@taradance.be) and we’ll set a date for you. One try-out lesson is free and without obligation. Next to that, we provide an open lesson at the beginning of the school year.
You can find more information on our calendar.

What do I wear? Do you have a school uniform?

Please wear comfortable clothing, fir for working out. You best wear a pair of shorts, so that you can move your legs freely and the teachers can see your knees. We do not have a school uniform.

What kind of shoes do I need to wear?

Most beginners will try out in their socks and that is perfectly okay. If you have some dance sneakers at the ready, bring them along. After your first lesson, we will help you order the correct footwear.

I have some previous Irish dance experience, which class should I join?

The teachers will decide for and with you. It is highly possible that our dances (reel, jig, hornpipe) are quite different from the ones you learned previously. You will need to learn our dancers. Just come over, show us what you can and we will help you.

I have some dance experience, but not in Irish dance. Which class should I join?

Your experience certainly is a bonus, but Irish dance is very different and you will need to learn the basics. You will join the beginner’s group (Shannon).

Do you perform and can I join in?

Yes, we perform regularly, all over Belgium. Every dancer can join, but your dance experience will determine which dances you can dances.

Do you compete and can I join in?

Yes, we compete, solo and in groups. Every dancer is more than welcome to compete, even if you have just started in the beginner’s group. Most dancers decide to wait half a year, or an entire (school) year before jumping in, but this is entirely up to you. Whatever you decide, our teachers will guide you on your way.

Am I insured?

Yes, you are, this is included in your registration fee. Supporting members (separate fee, for those people who do not dance, but like to help) are also insured.

Can I just follow the hard shoe classes?

When you just start dancing this is not possible, because you still have to learn the basics and these are taught in the soft shoe lessons. When you start your lessons, you will start with soft shoe only, and grow from there. Once you have the basics covered, you can drop the soft shoes lessons. We do not advice this, apart from medical reasons.

Are the fairies (kids between 5 and 8) allowed to perform and/or compete?

They absolutely are, but keep in mind that there options are limited. For performances, the teachers will make sure that they have a special dance on their own. For competitions, they are welcome in the hop23 competition, specifically designed for the youngest dancers who do not yet know a complete reel.

When and where do you compete?

We wish we could compete in Belgium, but this is not possible at the moment. So we travel abroad (Germany, France, The Netherlands, Ireland) regularly but we try to keep this as budget friendly as we can. 
We try to compete three times in a school year. These competitions are evenly spread throughout the year.

Do I have to perform and/or compete?

Absolutely not. We can only advice you to try it, because it is a fun experience for the team.

What is the difference between a lesson on Saturday and one on Tuesday?

Saturday is reserved for the official dance lessons. This day you will learn the new dances and steps, divided into your groups that suit your dance level. We also practice dances for competitions. These lessons are mandatory. 
Tuesday classes are not mandatory and serve different purposes. We have noticed, throughout the years, that the Tuesday lessons really help the bonding between the dancers. That evening, all age groups and levels dance together. We also practice out specific choreographies for upcoming performances. So if you can to join a performance, you will have to attend the Tuesday evening classes. There is always a possibility that we organise extra lessons on Thursday evening as well. Still need some practice for an upcoming competition? Tuesday classes as well. And last but not least, if you have missed your class on Saturday (for whatever reason) you can catch up on that.

Does my child has to stay until 9 pm?

We know that 9 pm is quite late for small children, so we try to end their part of the lesson around 8 pm. Of course, this is up to the parents themselves. If you want your child to perform, it is possible that we ask you to stay a bit longer on Tuesday evening.

Can I buy second hand dancing shoes?

We try to provide as many as we can. When you join Taradance, you will be able to check out our list of second hand shoes on the website.

When will I receive my Taradance T-shirt?

After you enrol, you will receive your very first T-shirt for free. If you need another one later on, you will have to buy one. We do ask you to wear this T-shirt when we perform, because the shirt will function as you backstage pass.

I have noticed that other dancers have some cool Taradance stuff. Where can I buy this?

Please follow this link:

I have some medical complaints, can I still dance?

It depends on the kind of complaints. Irish dancing is very demanding on the back, hips, knees and ankles, but you are still welcome to try out. We have some dancers with knee or ankle problems and they can dance along just fine, within their limits. Keep a close eye on your own body and don’t be afraid to take a step back whenever you feel the need. If you do not overdo it, Irish dance should be possible for you.